redsBerry for Push Manager?

Built-in Push Notification Server (Private Push Server), developed by EBERRY Inc, enhances the success rate of messages by providing more stable and faster service than existing push solution.

It is effective in collecting information for reception and receipt, can be used for various marketing linkages, reduces SMS costs, and reduces the burden on enterprises.

01. Provides stable Private Push Server.

  • Provide stable service by building our own Push Notification Server.
  • Increase speed and minimize system load when sending large size push messages.
  • Provides function for reliable dispatch in case of system failure.
  • Supports linkage to send SMS when sending push message fails.

02. Support various OS and DB.

  • Simultaneous support for Android, iOS, and Windows
  • Using NoSQL-based CacheDB

03. Information protection and security effects, expanding various connections and ensuring performance

  • Supports various linkage and expandability such as e-mail marketing solution

04. Providing functions according to customer's work

  • Supports address book, client DB interworking, server API, development SDK

05. Providing statistics function

  • Provide targeting success / statistical analysis reports
  • Provides statistics such as dispatching, failing, receiving, rejecting various functions