What is the Smart Instant Dispatch System

Where there are dispatching tasks by diverse ocurrence of events for police, firefighting, guard, anti-crime, vehicle control, etc., It is a software service solution to offer information, emergency messages, instructions, etc. rapidly and exactly, which need to operate criminal incident, accidents.
It manage status of and communicate with the field staffs continuously, it offer real-time monitoring and controlling situation function to the staff of situation room.
EBERRY do best continuously for building the IDS operation platform to optimize the business environment of customer based on knowhow and field experiences more than 3 years

  • Year 2015, Deployment of the first phase of poject in the Korean Police Agency
  • Year 20016, Deployment of the second phase of project in the Korean Police Agency
  • Year 20017, IDS system maintenance for Korean Police Agency

Smart Instant Dispatch System

Smart system for reacting to operate criminal incidents and accidents in the field

The field staff

Real-time information recording(position, status, etc)
Real-time GPS information recording(2 ~ 5 seconds)
Vehicle status, situation of duty, etc.
Recording internal status of vehicle(OBD socket typed IOT)
Real-time Instruction System
Offer always connection-based instruction system
Real-time monitoring of obstacle.
Preliminary inspection function through FTX
Request support to neighboring staff
Display and share diverse POI related to duty with all staff
Use pre-defined code system
Field operations and diverse information
Functions for field operations(evidence data collect/transfer)
Display pictograph on the electronic map
Offering history recording and information related operations
Display photo and video file related commands
Available when system integrated with a specific navigation solution(Option)
Support interface with google map (Default)

Staff in the situation room

Control Vehicle and field staffs
Control dispatching vehicle through electronic map
Display pictographs for status of vehicle driving and situations of operations
Enquiry of tracks and status for vehicle
Smart Dispatching Vehicle
The best automatic dispatching vehicle(field staff) based on the nerarist position of criminal case/accident.
Dispatching vehicle considering characteristics of vehicle and field staff
desinated vehicle dispatching, group dispatching
Transferring notice message(multimedia)
Receipts through diverse medias.
Telephone, dedicated report application, Interface with IoT device
Photo, Video, CCTV interface
Management of integrated operations
Photo, Video, CCTV inteface
automatic display data likes as cases of past receipted, cases of same reporter, etc. on the screen
Management of enquiry and POI based on electronic map.

Main functions of Smart IDS Receipt report and order to move

It record content of receipted report, command the order to move to field staff who is nearby reported the spot.
It can classify command code depending on the seriousness of the reported incident and can designate the exclusive staff depending on the kind of reported incident.

  • Recording receipted content and real-time transferring it to the field staff at the same time.
  • It can transfer reported information to the field staff by unit of character input
  • it can automatic searching and display past similar records when the incident report receive.
  • it can simultaneously display the incident spot on the electronic map when input the position information.

Main functions of Smart IDS Electronic Map (Monitoring and Controlling Function)

It offer real-time monitoring and controlling function with displaying the field staff position, the incident spots, each kinds POI informations, etc with units of second by using of electronic map.

  • Registering user custom POI and searching.
  • Status of vehicle operation, pictographs of incident classification
  • Enquiry about the past moving path
  • Filtering function by specific conditions

Main functions of Smart IDS It offer optimizing UI/UX for the field operations

It is composed fix-typed tablet version and vertical-typed phone version for representing incident and position information simultaneously on the map and simplified operation method.

  • Displaying vehicles, field staffs, POIs.
  • Fullscreen view, font size changing
  • sliding detailed menu
  • support multi-languages

Main functions of Smart IDS command, incident list and searching function

the field terminal can receive and display commands with real-time and provide list of received incidents and detailed contents of incidents.

  • Through background agent, the field terminal can receive command at the any situations.
  • Displaying received incident list and operation status
  • Displaying detailed information of specific incident
  • Provide the past incident searching by specific conditions

Main functions of Smart IDS Move to the spot(Navigation)

It provide path guide function through optimized path to allocated incident spot destination and can check photo, video, CCTV, recorded voice of the incident during moving to the incident spot.
The navigation function is available when integrate with navigation SDK (Optional function)

  • GPS coordinates record in the two seconds during move to destination after start.
  • Asking for support to the neighboring staff.
  • Automatic arrival notice when access in the 50 meter nearby destination.
  • Play multimedia information related to incident.

Main functions of Smart IDS It can process from incident operations to closing in the field at a time

It can process from command to closing incident operation by using of field mobile terminal in the field.

  • Notice manual for incident operation when start to move.
  • Real-time communication with situation room.
  • Minimized character input terminal operation with pre-defined codes(closing operation. Etc.)

Main functions of Smart IDS Additional Functions

It offer diverse additional functions like as notice board, Repository, manual, and statistics, vehicle management functions

  • Share notice board, repository, manual through bulletin board function.
  • Offering diverse statistics for the incident operations
  • Displaying and alarm of vehicle internal information(out of order, device problem, etc)
  • ※ Offering vehicle internal information can available if OBD Iot device(self-made by eberry) was connect to OBD port in the vehicle.

Configuration of Smart IDS

SmartIDS Structure SmartIDS Structure Mobile Graphic