What is the "Automated Biometric Identification System"?

ABIS build and manage large-scale biometric database which include more than millions people's biometric featuers systemically and securely, which is state-of-the-art multi-modal biomectric recognition application solution that offer biometric identification services like as biometric data inquiry and verification, fast and accurate biometric matching.

ABIS is based on multi-modal biometric recognition technology which include Fingerprint, Face, etc. and can flexibly extended by scale of data processing and offer real-time biometric identification matching service through hi-speed parallel matching processing.

ABIS can apply business area like as Government agency, financial instituion, etc. which need to accurately verify identy of citizen. Specially, ABIS can apply scientistic criminal investigation for analysis and verifying latent fingerprint captured on the criminal scene.

Automated Biometrics Identification System

Extensible, low-cost / high-efficiency system based on open platform using qualified biometric recognition engine as core technology

01. High-speed large-scale biometric information DB construction

  • Support for various data source formats
  • Automatic biometric image area detection
  • Extract biometric feature information
  • Same person information integration
  • Prevent registration of duplicate biometric information

02. Biometric data quality control

  • Edit biometric information image(photo, fingerprint) area
  • Re-extraction of biometric information
  • Data Integrity Management
  • Supporting history information management such as resident document change

03. Identification

  • Confirmation of authenticity of ID card
  • Identity verification
  • Blacklist veification
  • Desktop, smartphone app support

04. Latent Identification

  • Latent data management (Create,Retrieve,Upate,Remove)
  • Easy-to-use latent fingerprint editing tool
  • Intuitive comparison result comparison screen

05. Utilize multiple biometric algorithms

  • In addition to the basic fingerprint, biometric information is combined with additional biometric information to enhance the accuracy of biometrics.
  • Supports the integration of alternative biometrics information (palmprint, iris, etc.)

06. Distributed Fast Matching System

  • Biometric information database distributed and parallel processing matching.
  • Real-time fast matching for large scale databases.

ABIS Feature Flexible scalability based on open platform and low cost, high efficiency system.

  • Provides a complete back-end services facility running on a Linux server.
  • Manage large amounts of information quickly and efficiently based on open source Big Data technology.
  • The functionality for biometric identification is handled organically within DV-ABIS and conforms to various technical standards to provide scalability that meets customer needs.
  • Supports Smartphone client app (Andriod) for quick work.

ABIS Feature High-speed data conversion and biometric information DB construction

  • Batch migration of existing databases.
  • Automatic detection of biometric image area.
  • Efficient Quality Control of Biometric Image Data.
  • Biometric Information Feature Point Extraction.
  • Biometric duplicate matching.
  • Consolidate the same person data and manage the history of resident change.

ABIS Feature Biometric information database data quality control

  • Comparing personal information and fingerprint information to determine whether they are the same.
  • Supports biometric image (photo, fingerprint) area re-extraction and biometric information re-extraction.
  • Validation and correction of personal information.
  • Integrate with other system data.

01 Confirm status of residence declaration image and link same information

02 Inspection and correction of biometric image area

03 Inspect job results

04 Selection of registration data based on image quality when duplicating the same biometric information

ABIS Feature Statistics and Reporting Tools

  • Various statistical information in various charts
  • Support for system and processing status monitoring
  • Supports processing verification and verification tools
  • Output reports in various formats such as Excel, PDF, and so on.

01 Provision of data registered in database

02 Monitoring image conversion job history

03 Print CMND card issue history

ABIS Feature Biometric information retrieval tool

  • Various condition search support for personal information
    - Condition with some strings
    - Alphabetical search based on multilingual
  • Information management based on the personal information on the residence declaration application, criminal records, etc.
  • Detailed information search and data correction function
  • Visual identification of biometric information through display of fingerprint image and minutia information
  • 1: 1 biometric matching to identify yourself

01 Search for residence declaration application form data condition and history of issuing NID card and view crime history

02 Biometric information image display and image quality status display

03 1: 1 matching to confirm identity

ABIS Feature Multi-biometric Identification support

  • Identification, Latent identification
  • Support various biometric data acquisition device connection (fingerprint scanner, camera, etc.)
  • Supports extraction of biometric information from face and fingerprint photographs obtained from a file or a general camera
  • Precise and speedy search through data filtering function
  • Real-time identification of large amounts of multiple biometric information by a high-speed parallel processing matching engine

01 Identification job history management

02 Scan fingerprints with fingerprint live scanner or document scanner

03 Detect fingerprint area on document

04 Additional filtering of biometric information

05 Comparing and Verifying Matching Results

ABIS Feature latent fingerprint editing, analysis and verification tools

  • Provides various image correction functions for detection of latent fingerprints in crime scene
  • Provides image enhancement function of unclear oil fingerprint and fingerprint feature point editing tool
  • Provides convenient fingerprint comparison and verification tools such as matching feature point relationships when verifying fingerprint matching results.

01 Management of latent fingerprint data and identification job

02 Image enhancement and minutiae correction

03 Comparison and verification of fingerprint matching results

ABIS Feature Smartphone app support

  • ABIS support data search and identification (biometric information retrieval) work using smart phone ABIS app at case (work) field.

01 Data search and 1: 1 identity verification

03 Capture fingerprint

03 Identification by fingerprint or face

ABIS Diagram System configuration diagram

The ABIS system is composed of data centers and client applications consisting of databases, high-speed matching and application servers connected to each other through strict data security and secure network.

ABIS Structure ABIS Structure Mobile Graphic