EBERRY develop and provide diverse products extended self-developed PUSH engine and Biometric Database Management and Matching solution product based on Multi-Biometric Recognition Technology.

The products based on PUSH engine are Messenger, IDS(Instant Dispatching System), the House of advertisement, etc. All are composed to based on Mobile Devices,

Biometric related product embeded multi-biometric recognition technology with leverages like as fingeprint, face, iris have biometric identification and hi-speed biometric matching products, exspecially, we are developing and offering ABIS solution for serving real-time identification service for National-wide scaled database.

Business Area

01. Solution Development.

Web based solution development and providing.
Private Push Server development and providing.
Embedded Web server development and providing.

02. Consulting Service

ISP(Inforamtion Strategy Planning)
CBD consulting
Business Modeling
System Development

03. Mobile Service

Mobile / App System Development & Intergration

04. SI(System Integration) / SM(System Management) Service

IS(Inforamtion Strategy) & Technical Service Planning
Web/Mobile Application specialty development
Systemic project implemation by development method
Application development & Maintenance
Web Service development & Maintenance
Computing resource providing service

05. Package Solution

CEO Messege

EBERRY Co. Ltd. Is mobile solution company that specializes in developing and operating redsBerry product lines (Notice-Not(N2), EduNote, The house of advertisement, 112 IDS system, redsBerry for Push Manager)
We steadily introduce innovative and convenient services through diverse mobile oriented diverse redsBerry products based on redsBerry Push Manager, With thoses, we are extending service business areas.

We established institute of EBERRY Co., LTD. For constant study about core technology needed to develop diverse solution. with this basics, we offer more advanced qualilty of service and grow up with our customers.
Through continuously discovering, studying and developing stable revenue model in the mobile solution business, We successfully settle down this to market and will grow up to technology leading company.


  1. 2017
    1. .09INNOBIZ certification
    2. .09"Mobilized Police officer Image Supporting System" project subcontract. (Korean Police Agency)
    3. .05"112 System Integration Maintenance" project supply contract (Korean Policy Agency)
    4. .05"LOGPRESSO"(EDIUM Co., LTD.) technical partnership contract
    5. .03"KDN Transmission and Transimission of Electric Power System Operation" project supply contract
    6. .02KOSTA "National Human Resource Development Consortium" agreement
    7. .01AFIS joint development MOU agreement with Veitnam DATA One Memebr Co., LTD
  2. 2016
    1. .09Subcontract "Recrepit Main Sever changing project"(Korean Police Agency)
    2. .07Subcontract "Terminal changing and supplying for Patrol car & Extending receipt desk of 112 situation room" 2nd phase project and supply contrant "112 IDS system" (Korean Police Agency)
    3. .05Contract "Small Business R&D support project" ( Region Secialization Business Center of Korea Aerospace University)
    4. .02Improving technical human power of orderd Industrial-educational project operation agreement (Gimpo University)
    5. .01Copyright registration of redsBerry for Push Manager
      Copyright registration of IDS system
      Messanger supply contract for "Emergency Call Integration System Implementing Project" (The Ministry of Public Safety and Security, Republic of Korea)
      Technical Institute Certification
      Established Technical Institute(21, Yangpyeong-ro 22-gil, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea)
  1. 2015
    1. .09PUSH Server supply contract for "Finding witness" project(Korean Police Agency)
    2. .07Participation 2nd phase "Minwon Portal System" project (Korean Police Agency) by service provider with Korean
      Subcontract for "Upgrading mobile terminal for 112 patrol car" and "Extending receipt desk in the 112 all-source situation room"(Korean Police Agency)
      "112 IDS system" supply contract (Korean Police Agency)
    3. .05Messanger supply contract(Life safety department of Korean Police Agency)
    4. .02Implemention "Access Control System for Peace Enjoying Street" (Republic of Korea Marine Corps)
    5. .01Implemention "Smart Work System maintenance and development service"
  2. 2014
    1. .11"Mobile Office" project service contract and implementation
    2. .01promotion of joint project of The house of advertisement
  3. 2013
    1. .09Certificated Venture Business
    2. .08Certificated ISO 9001/14001
    3. .07Corporate conversion to EBERRY Co., LTD.
    4. .06Copyright registration of N2(Notice-Note)
    5. .06Copyright registration of EDUNOTE
    6. .04Copyright registration of The house of advertisement
  4. 2011
    1. .08Established EBERRY as individual business

Room 1407, Seonyudo Kolon Digital Tower
21, Yangpyeong-ro 22-gil, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea (Tel. 02-2062-5541)

Technical Support & Cooperation consulting
mail : neal@eberry.co.kr
tel : 02-2062-5541